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October 12, 2019     Daily Post

To Be Everywhere

“How to get you get to be everywhere”?

Your marketing message, the value you create for the world, the contribution you’d like to draw attention to for the benefit of those it serves… how do you put all that… everywhere?

It depends how we define ‘everywhere’:

Definition 1: Everywhere is all over the world. The street signs, the inboxes, mailboxes, television sets, Facebook profiles. Et cetera. All of it. How do you be everywhere in this definition? You don’t. Your pockets aren’t deep enough, nor your thinking linear enough to wade into such a mess.

Definition 2: Everywhere is all over their world. “Their” being the people who will genuinely thank you for connecting with them. Just those inboxes, mailboxes, profiles, websites. Not everywhere for everyone, just everywhere for them, as an expression of affectionate pursuit and benevolent desire to make their lives better. How do you be everywhere in this definition? Easy, however you like is up to you, it’s really not that many people, is it?

‘Everywhere’ is relative.