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February 16, 2018     Daily Post

Gary’s neckties

Ever been to a tie shop?

To some, a necktie is a necessary item in a store with too many options to choose from. $18 to “get me out of here.”

To Hermès, a necktie tells a story – one so important, they feature Gary, “the peerless expert”, to guide shoppers toward the right tie for them on their website and Madison Ave store. $180 to “tell my story with my ensemble.”

Most teams get to choose how they see themselves and the value they bring to the products and services in their market. Just like like Gary and his team did.

Who would you like to deal with? The “Get me out of here” *guys or the *“Tell my story with my ensemble” guys?

And who do you want to be? Thefaceless retail help peddling cheap ties to whomever, or “Gary the peerless-expert”?

What’s stopping you?