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October 08, 2019     Daily Post

How We Choose To Support Other Companies

Anyone paying for a magazine or music subscription?

We get a glimpse into the world of “supporting” a company:

Buying access because we want access? Business Insider occasionally peppers your screen with upgrade options before you get a chance to read anything at all. We either experience the ‘need’ to upgrade and do so, or we don’t and won’t. We as the visitor go first.

Buying access because we support the initiative? Bandcamp artist Brin Coleman puts all his music online using a “pay what you want” model. The first song I downloaded, I did so for $0. Future albums get my financial support, not because I need to, but because I get to. He as the creator went first.

If we do work that matters, we should remember to consider our leadership role in the eyes of those we wish to serve. If we believe in our work, are we prepared to go first?