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February 15, 2018     Daily Post

What’s your coachline?

Mark Court is really good at what he does.

If you’ve ever seen a Rolls-Royce with coachlines (stripes), you’ve seen his work.

That’s what he does: he paints coachlines.

  • He mastered his skill: Rolls enabled him to do that. He got to perfect his skill, and use his genius on great works.
  • He works with other masters: Because great coachlines don’t matter much if the rest of the car is shoddy.
  • Team advantage: Because they mastered their respective skills, Rolls gets to keep their brand promise of “ultimate automotive sophistication”.

We’ve talked about how great teams of A+B Players invest in being that way. Everyone needs to know and nurture their genius to make a team truly great.

What’s your coachline?