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September 30, 2019     Daily Post

Watch Out For The Downside Of Growth

Are you growing?

Many pursuing work that matters are eager to spot-train areas of life, but do so to the detriment of other areas:

We might spot-train growing in sales but neglect training our teams. Any perceivable improvement we’d find on our balance sheets would only produce an equal-and-opposite decrease in customer satisfaction.

We might spot-train investing in business but not invest in our relationships. Any richess found in our bank accounts would only produce an environment where one has nobody to share the spoils with.

We might spot-train feeding the mind but over-feed the body. This disciplined pursuit of knowledge and understanding would only produce a mind less disciplined to sustain the habit of ongoing personal development.

The downside of growth to watch out for is that our focus may lead us to forget other areas important to a full life.

We’ve heard that If we’re not growing, we’re dying. We should make sure that while we’re growing, we’re not letting other parts of ourselves die in the process.

We need you in good shape so you can make a difference in the lives of those you wish to serve.