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September 27, 2019     Daily Post

Honoring The Process

How much you honor the process affects how much you succeed.

The sales conversation desperate to go off-course is far less likely to help the prospect move forward unless you can keep it on course. Providing there is a course, of course: to bring them maximum ethical advantage in the best timing for them.

The customer or client eager to buy right now is far less likely to get the result they’re looking for unless you keep them focused on their own goals. Providing there are goals, of course: your process is to keep the main thing for them, the main thing.

The marketing system that “isn’t working” is far less likely to “work” unless you can honor the process of seeing it through to fruition. Providing there is a process, of course: the one where you remember to be disciplined, methodical, and strategic.

Honoring the process is what keeps you away from frenetic tactic-switching and inconsistent performance.

Do you honor the process?