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September 22, 2019     Daily Post

The Simpler Way

When there’s a simpler way and a complex way, do it the simpler way.

Not to be confused with ‘the easy way’.

The simpler way is always there, it’s just never the one we notice first.

When trying to craft a marketing message, you may find yourself with pages and pages of important things to convey. The simpler way requires sacrificing paragraphs, axing features, and turning the focus away from yourself onto those you wish to serve.

When developing a product for the market, you may dream of all the things it could do, for so many people. The simpler way requires removing many of those things, for many of those people, so it can best serve your chosen few.

When you want to change the world, you may enthusiastically invest in all the areas you wish to create transformation in. The simpler way requires you to focus on that which most needs you right now, and leave the rest for another day.

Looking for the simpler way takes work.

Don’t think you’re doing your work a disservice by ‘lazily’ pursuing the simpler way. The complex way is lazy way.