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September 20, 2019     Daily Post

What’s In The Content Marketing Plan?

There should only be one thing in a content marketing plan.

Regrettably, it always appears to be the last thing to make it into a plan.

Instead we have elaborate articles and sophisticated sequences that omit this one thing.

The process is usually sound, the technology workable, but without this one thing, it’s all for nought. Folks wonder why their content marketing plan fails them, despite constructing things correctly.

The one thing? The recipient.

We sometimes forget that marketing isn’t about you. When we make it about you, it becomes that which you would love to receive. It’s what you’d love to read, or watch, or listen to.

The recipient, though? If it’s not about them, why on Earth would they engage? Share? Care?

If we can remember this one thing, even a feeble content marketing plan can outperform even the most sophisticated alternative.