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September 18, 2019     Daily Post

Saying Goodbye

It’s hard when someone passes.

Yet it challenges our meaningful work in meaningful ways:

The finiteness of life reminds us to work on things that matter. If you already do, congratulations, you’re in a rare minority. This is the “real 1%”. This isn’t to say every thing you do must always fill you with joy, or there won’t be non-essentialist tasks to come your way. But it does mean that you should keep your focus on the big picture, pursuing works with that in mind, be it a collective or individual goal.

Nature’s rhythm prompts us to remember the present. As a visionary, leader, and “doer of important things”, it’s so easy to live exclusively in the future. We‘re occasionally reminded that the future doesn’t contain us, or those we love dearly. If–as the Stoics said–nothing that is natural is evil, perhaps we can ‘get the message’ that the journey is to be relished. Indeed, it’s the only part of our work we ever truly have.

We’re not here for long. Make it matter.