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September 17, 2019     Daily Post

Popularity VS Respect

Sometimes you can get both at the same time.

Oftentimes though, one comes at the expense of the other.

When the late Steve Jobs asked designer Rand to produce some logo options for his “NeXT” brand, Rand retorted, citing he will make only one. 

And that it will be the best one he can muster. It was an unpopular choice to challenge Jobs. But he earned him his respect. He moved from a consultant to a respected professional endorsed by the co-founder of Apple.

Many musicians, in pursuit of broader reach, will gladly endorse a sugar-water brand in exchange for funds to further develop their brand. Little do they know, for many musicians, that “brand development” simply results in the diluting and marginalization of their brand. They move from “undiscovered musician with a voice” to “just another voice on the radio”.

Sometimes we can choose both popularity and respect.

But when you have to choose, what’s it to be?