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February 12, 2018     Daily Post

Fake watches and focus

Fake things can damage your focus.

One of my favorite wristwatch designs is Omega’s Seamaster 300. It’s around $5,000 to acquire. Fakes are apparently around $200.

Quality and ethics should be the least of a fake buyer’s concerns. Worse is the mindset it creates for that buyer:

  • Compromiser: While even considering a purchase, one would have to begin convincing themselves of what “doesn’t matter so much”, from what they believe is ‘right’ to what qualities they can forgo.
  • Regressive: One’s focus turns from growth to reduction, on how to reduce an ideal (“I don’t like it anyway”) rather than rising to it (“that’s a lovely piece”).
  • Glass ceiling: Making a purchase would solidify what you think is–and isn’t–possible for you (“I could never have the real thing anyway”).

This has nothing to do with wristwatches, or what is/isn’t an acceptable price for something.

It’s about you.

Where is your focus: on uncompromising growth and potential, or on merely faking it?