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623: The Accidental Scammer

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Can an internet scammer be so, accidentally?

I wrestled with this question in an attempt to reconcile the delta between how businesses behave and what businesses believe. Of those who appear to be scammers, “Surely, they know what they’re doing?”

Some know what they’re doing

Of course, some know precisely what they’re doing.

They’re intimately aware of the psychological marketing tools available to us, many of which can be used to manipulate and coerce resources out of the hands of others.

And so they do.

The resource matters more than the reputation. The money, more than the moral justification for finding a better way.

Some don’t know what they’re doing

You may be – or may have been at a point in time – in this category.

The ‘accidental scammers’ don’t know that they’re in this category.

The businesses who found their product or service to be undesirable in the market, or those who found a modicum of success but are struggling to increase their numbers.

These folks, in an act of well-meaning ignorance, sometimes start trying every trick in the book to get you to do the thing they want you to do.

They begun inadvertently setting traps for those they claim to have a heart to serve, succumbing to the sensational, baseless falsehoods of pop-marketing in an attempt to move the needle. All with good intentions, but without realizing the damage they’re doing to their reputations along the way.

Some wake to the idea of showing up for those they wish to serve, and serving them. Of helping people in order to help them.

Others remain trapped in a web of ‘low-stock’ eBooks and unrelenting pop-ups.

Each of us makes the choice. Do we look for ways to serve and make a real difference, or force short-term sales at the expense of a long-term vision?

You can always get money back, service back, opportunity back, strategic advantage back… but it’s much harder to get reputation back.


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941: Avoid Opinion Neutrality

People don’t just buy your products. They buy why they exist. They buy as an expression of a shared belief.
If you’re opinion neutral, there’s no reason to buy beyond the need for an essential, marginalized commodity.
Are you opinion neutral? How can you be a little more yourself, for the benefit of your work and for those you wish to serve?

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940: They’ll Steal, That’s Fine

They’ll steal, that’s fine. I’ve had bodies of work stolen, even falsely attributed in award ceremonies – things that I made, and worked hard on – they‘ll steal, that’s fine.
In some cases, it’s indefensible; in others, our attorneys took care of it (and then some).

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939: The Disease Is The Cure

Don’t know how to make the sale? Sell more. You’ll find the pain behind the pain that needs solving, by spending more time with those you wish to serve. The disease (sales problems) is the cure (just keep selling).
What are you struggling with?

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938: Your Selfish Secret

When you’re not that great, and everyone knows it, you’re safely discarded by the market.
When you’re the best, and everyone knows it, you’re able to influence significant change.
Are you being a selfish secret? What are you going to do about it?

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937: Connecting With Ideal Clients

When you go where they are and you call upon those who are not ideal – by casting a broad net or by focusing on the wrong people – then you will, naturally, attract lukewarm interest from an unpredictable array of individuals.
When you go where they are and you call upon those who are ideal – very specifically – the right people will be the ones to respond.

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936: Just Start

“I need all these things before I can launch.” “I need this sum of money before I begin.” “I need these things before I can become rich.”
Those who say these things are very sure of their words, considering they’ve never done it before.
Honestly: just start.

You are creating what matters.

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