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August 21, 2019     Daily Post

“I Have An Idea”

You have an idea, you say?

What are you going to do about that?

“Think about it”

Alright, by all means think about it. Create a clear, focused, specific vision for what it should become. Ideas may be fragile, but they need to stay standing when constraints come their way: constraints are essential for idea formation.

But remember that you can’t ‘think about it’ it all the way to completion. At some stage, action must take place.

“Research and discuss it”

You’ve done that already. Give it a time limit, past which research is over.

Putting your ideas into extended “research” is like putting leftovers in the fridge – it won’t be better tomorrow, and it’ll probably just end up in the trash.

“Give it a chance”

That sounds more like it. Imperfect consistent action. Not over-thought or over-researched, but pragmatically pursued into existence.

The best works all start like this. A little ‘beaten up’ from scrappy beginnings, certainly incomplete and a far cry from its eventual glory. But able to reach such goals, thanks to the bravery of its owner(s) to give it a chance.

So. Did you say you had an idea?