Let’s take a little look at who your competition really is:

If it’s your industry competitors, that’s your choice. They’re only competitors if you choose not to find complimentary ways to bring yet more value to the market, together. To work together on things to create more meaningful advantage for those in your care – events, products, systems – than you could create alone. Your choice.

If it’s your inner voice, that’s your choice. The voices that tell you that you suck for whatever reason it deems important today, only matters if you choose for it to matter. Should it matter any more than a Facebook comment from a faceless grump? Could you introduce new – better – voices into your head, since it’s your head? Your choice.

If it’s the economy, that’s your choice. The marketplace always has enough in it for everything it needs, and it’s printing more all the time; more money, more innovation, more opportunity. Should you participate and share in the opportunity available? Does a recession have to mean that many will get a share, but not you? Your choice.

If it’s your choice, your competition is by your design.

Who’s your competition? Doesn’t matter, you made it up, and you play by those rules by choice. Choose to compete, or choose to change the rules. Your choice.