Years ago, a mentor many years my senior quipped that even great men still feel like little boys inside.

I found it to be a powerful reminder that, while the inner-talk is in our control, we all have similar default settings.

We all remember the bad grades and the bullies in school. Richard Branson got bullied for being dyslexic at school. Many moons after becoming a millionaire, he still had to have staff explain to him the difference between net and gross. And yet he owns a bank – Virgin Money.

I can relate to this, also finding numbers difficult. Our team has to support me in a similar way, ensuring math that gets anywhere close to me is double-checked for correctness.

We all remember the times we tried what we do so well now for the very first time… and were terrible at it. Most successful business owners have a laundry-list of failures that they seldom reveal to the public, that led them to the success they currently experience.

I can point to a number of my own, but not as failures so much as learning experiences – each taught me something that made the venture that followed more successful than it could have been otherwise.

CEOs, cause-driven business leaders, and everyone within those businesses, are all full of those who are still little boys (or girls!) inside. Just like everyone else.