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February 10, 2018     Daily Post

Learn or lose

When you screw up, what happens next?

Is your team a ‘Win/Lose’ or ‘Win/Learn’ environment?

If ‘learn’ means growth and ‘loss’ means the neglect of growth, let’s turn our attention to the differentiator: the pursuit of growth.

  • Watch each other’s progress: You may spot growth opportunities that others may not. Be on the lookout.
  • Watch ‘the seams’: Between roles, tasks, and hand-offs, are typically areas rich with growth opportunity.
  • Help leaders lead: Sharing the potential growth opportunities you spot with team leaders means they can help facilitate that growth in others.
  • Shared spirit: Remember why everybody is sharing growth opportunities–to give everyone on the team the best chance to thrive.

How could your team grow closer and stronger through a shared pursuit of growth?