There’s a good reason why you don’t really like marketing as a cause-driven or sustainable business.

“It makes you feel icky.”

Here’s why, and here’s what to do about it.

Icky marketing is what we see most often.

The Instagram or Facebook ads you see of the guy promising to reveal a super-secret that will change your life.

The limited-time-only webinar that will show you how to unlock untold riches so you can live a life of conspicuous spending.

The last-chance to get your half-off discount on a product that’s actually been half-off for the last 6 months.


This is why you don’t like marketing. Here’s my advice for you if you’re turned off by this: Don’t do it.

Just don’t do it. Don’t lower the tone of your business, team or cause, by producing content that presumes those you wish to serve are ignorant or naive.

Better marketing is what we don’t see.

The social posts that never asked anything of you. They were simply helping you out along your journey.

The materials and tools you needed that were freely distributed to you without forcing you to mess around with opt-in forms or unrelenting email sequences.

The people who seem to keep showing up, day after day for your benefit, like a benevolent aunt or uncle, who you would genuinely miss if they stopped doing it.

There’s the key point: your marketing is ‘working’ when your target market would miss you if you stopped.

Your relationship through contribution is more important than your CPAs and CTRs. Because good relationships mean you don’t need to keep asking for the click, or for the share, or for repeat business.

Which bucket does your marketing fall into?