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July 30, 2019     Daily Post

Strategy VS Hard Work

If we have the right business strategies, can we circumvent the need for hard work?

If that’s the goal, it’s normally the wrong goal:

Strategy without hard work

We’re sold this structure in almost every marketing advert we see online.

“There’s one secret trick you don’t have that enables easy success. Sign up for the webinar now.”

Of course, it’s premises like this that give “marketing” a bad name.

You see, this is unnatural in our current market. Effective, easy things either (due to saturation) become less effective or less easy. Things lose their luster when everyone is doing them, don’t they?

The moment it becomes less ‘easy’, the promise of “strategy without hard work” goes out of the window. This is typically when a particular corner of the marketplace enrolls into the next ‘secret trick’ for ‘easy success’.

What’s the alternative to this fruitless merry-go-round?

Strategy plus hard work

When we’re not afraid of a little hard work, we open up new avenues for our business.

While everyone else is chasing the next “easy, sure thing”, you can concentrate on refining your execution until it becomes truly effective.

That’s not to say every day must be ‘hard’… Rather, it’s a call to ‘putting our effort where our hearts are’. If that leads to  the success of the businesses we work on and for the benefit of our teams, customers and causes they support, we need not fear hard work.

We’re not ‘missing a trick’ because we exceeded a four-hour work week this week. It’s simply an assurance that we’ll thrive.

I love the leverage we can create from implementing good strategies. That’s why our teams put so much energy into programs like, which help businesses communicate more clearly. But, as anyone will know who goes through our programs, those who get the best results aren’t just sat waiting for success to land on their laps. Instead, they’re prepared to relentlessly and methodically execute upon the right strategies until they create the results they’re looking for.

Do you have the right strategies AND the readiness to work hard?