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February 08, 2018     Daily Post

Team aerodynamics

Are you ready for when it all goes right?

There are times you dream of as a team. Customers and clients beating down your doors. New orders coming in faster than you can keep track of.

Stop: “faster than you can keep track of”? That’s an issue.

In aerodynamics, frictional force increases with speed. Cars have lift force issues, teams have “dropping the ball” issues.

How well is your team designed to handle the frictional force of growth?

  • Flow: Have you got systems in place to prevent burnout or over-promising?
  • Responsibility: Does every piece of your system have a single owner, for on-the-fly decisions?
  • Cavalry: Do those owners have someone standing by to take over on a dime?

Consider these factors your “team aerodynamics” and an indicator of how fast you can go.

How fast do you want to go? And what changes might you need to make to handle the frictional force that comes with it?