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July 17, 2019     Daily Post

Underestimate Your Competition

Why would you underestimate your competition? Isn’t that how you get overtaken?


But it’s also an opportunity to shift your focus:

Some of them are busy worrying about competition.

These guys are stalking their competitors.

If a competitor makes a move, they’re quick to follow.

If none of their competitors are innovating, they’re quick to shut down new ideas.

“If it’s worth doing, they’d be doing it too,” is the rally-cry of these folks.

The result is a commoditized, middle-of-the-road, “that’ll do” option, that is quickly displaced by someone who cares just a little more… someone who’s brave enough to stop worrying about this stuff.

Some of them aren’t worried about competition

These guys aren’t stalking their competitors.

They’re aware of what their competitors are doing, they just don’t really care.

If all of their competitors are zigging, they’re quick to zag, if zagging is better for their target audience.

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth trying… our audience will tell us if it’s worth doing again,” is the rally-cry of these folks.

The result is a special, tailor-made body of work that fits a particular corner of the market. And for that corner of the market, this is the only body of work that matters.

Which of these two options would you prefer for your company?

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