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July 14, 2019     Daily Post

Make Your Products Different, But Not Too Different

This may sound like a staunch aversion to innovation…

But it’s not. Quite the opposite.

We must make products that are different, but not too different. Here’s why…

We must answer to the “If”, the “Which”, and the dreaded “Any”:

If you’re too different, nobody’s really shopping for what you’re selling. We lose an audience to which to ask, “Which of these is best for you?” We limit ourselves instead to the question, “Do you want this?”

With nothing to compare against, with no convention to challenge, the market is left to decide in a vacuum.

“Which” gives us a bigger and better opportunity than “If”.

But if you’re not different enough, who knows what folks will do. The market may not be faced with “If”, but they’re presented with something far worse. “Any.”

“Any” reduces a decision to choose anything, with whomever, regardless of the provider’s level of care, quality, service or contribution.

We want “If” to be answered with “Obviously”, and “Which” to be met with an “Obvious” solution (you), removing the potential for “Any” to appear.

Choose the right size pond. People don’t fish where there are no fish. And they aren’t picky when all of the fish look the same.

Are you the best choice in your market?

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