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February 07, 2018     Daily Post

Thing of the week

Ever get to the end of a day feeling you should have done more?

Even if you were hard at it all day?

We often ‘feel’ when we’re truly contributing to our team (and when we’re not) regardless of how busy we are.

Conversely, have you ever got through half a week and felt like you’ve already “crushed it”? Let’s define that. I call it the “Thing Of The Week”.

It goes like this:

  • Of the things on today’s list, which one thing–if done–would make today feel like a success?
  • Of those top daily items, which one–if done–would make the week feel like a success? That’s your “Thing Of The Week”.

While the other things may still need doing, how would ensuring your “Thing Of The Week” gets done affect the way you feel about the coming week, and about your contribution to your team?