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571: Better Marketing Requires Saying No

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We’re our own worst enemies in marketing.

We either care so much about the market that we want to target everyone…

…Or we care so little that we don’t care who we target.

Can such broad target really be a ‘target’? Or is it just an excuse?

Who is your product really for?

Saying “No” to some people enables us to be heard by others.

Who sounds more focused – the company that serves “urban American white-collar 30–45 democrat women”, or the company that serves “women”?

If you were to be in within the area of focus, which would you suppose would serve you better?

We earn the attention of our target when we speak to our target specifically. We can choose specificity, or we can choose to be ignored.

Saying No in Marketing.

Saying “No” more sets us free to serve the right people more effectively.

Who makes better shoes for women – the company that specializes in women’s shoes, or the company that makes shoes for women, men, children and dachshunds?

We earn the attention of our target when we describe their need specifically. We can choose specificity, or we can choose to be ignored.

Saying “No” is really just saying “Yes” to being heard by those we wish to serve.

Are you saying “No” enough?

Tip: If you need help getting your focus right, can help you with that.


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678: Getting What You Ordered

We get what we order. Sometimes we don’t order well, sometimes we don’t order specifically enough. Sometimes we’re not brave enough to send it back if it was genuinely wrong. But we always get what we order.

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677: Anticomfort

Doing the right thing isn’t usually very comfortable.
It may not be comfortable, but there’s comfort to be found in the knowledge that you’re building a better future.

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676: We Need You To Do It

Delegation and systemization is really important for growing teams. Those activities should help reveal what we need you to do more than anybody else.
What does your team need you – and only you – to do?
Do that today. We’re relying on you.

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675: Mediocrity vs Creativity

Creativity might not work.
Social media posts that routinely share awards and team members favorite coffee won’t get you any attention. Nobody cares. But it’s safe and easy. You can pay anybody to make these.

You are creating what matters.

So how can we help you
sell it better & make more impact?

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