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July 04, 2019     Daily Post

Storytelling For Those Who Can’t Tell Stories

I’m not really very good at telling stories.

Most of our Creative team can’t cook up stories on the spot, either.

And yet they help meaningful brands tells engaging stories all the time.

How does that work?

Storytelling skills aren’t required for telling good stories.

If you’re a brand doing important work, storytelling is seldom limited by the depth of your creativity. Rather, it’s limited by the depth of your empathy.

How much do you care about your market? The answer will determine your potential to birth a story worth telling.

How much do you want to talk about what you want to talk about? The answer will determine how much you’ll sabotage that potential.

What great brand messages all do

Great brand messages aren’t about saying what we want to say.

The creation myth behind your product… the reason you started the company… these are good elements to have, but they aren’t what really makes a story work.

Most people just want to know that you see them and value them. Brands that can tell good stories are effectively comforting the market by saying, “I see you.”

Do you truly “see” those you’ve chosen to serve?

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