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July 03, 2019     Daily Post

Service as Second Nature

Some companies seem to find good customer service really easy and stress-free.

Others make getting a useful response as enjoyable as having a tooth pulled. 

How do the greats get great?

“Hard good”

When trying to provide great customer service, we all start here.

This is where customer service is good, albeit a little inconsistent. People are generally very happy with your manner, but wish you didn’t drop that occasional ball.

We have to go through this stage. But we don’t have to stay in it. Most do.

What’s the next step?

“Easy good”

We get here when two things happen.

First, we’ve become so familiar with providing a higher level of service that it’s become second nature for us.

Second, we’ve equipped the company with those who relish in the process, for whom it has also become second nature.

Service is elevated, and consistent.

Does your brand communicate with the market with elevated levels of service and consistency? Have you made great service second-nature?

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