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June 29, 2019     Daily Post

How Not To Be D.U.M.B.

Are you unintentionally, unknowingly being D.U.M.B. in your cause-driven or sustainable business?

D is for Desperate.

When we don’t believe there’s more out there, we hang onto opportunities far too long. 

It could be an idea that stinks…but if it’s your only idea, you’ll run with it.

It could be a prospect that doesn’t need your product or service…but you continue to chase against your better judgement.

There’s always more out there if you keep at it. Don’t be desperate.

We’ve all seen people who have been unfortunate. Perhaps they didn’t get that project they wanted. Perhaps their market collapsed and they fell victim to that. Whatever it may be.

U is for Unfortunate

You can only be unfortunate if you came up short of expectations in a particular situation. But those who keep at it–who work smart–don’t allow themselves to lean upon only one or two opportunities. If some fall short, others succeeded.

You come out on top if you play a bigger game. Don’t be unfortunate.

M is for Me-Focused.

Everyone else is me-focused.

So the only thing you need to do to be different here, is to focus on them too, instead of yourself. As they say, to be interesting, first be interested. To be fascinating, first be fascinated.

Knowing your audience is the first step to standing out and serving them.

B is for Blabbering

Blabbering is the fine art of saying a lot…and yet saying nothing at all.

Most marketing messages we see and hear are the result of a company’s blabbering. Many words, none of which captivate us. None of which engage us.

To avoid blabbering, building upon ‘knowing your audience’ above by ‘knowing what to say to them’. Communicate better.

Most companies are at least a little bit D.U.M.B. How about yours?

Tip: If you want to get crystal-clear about who your audience is and what they want to hear from you, can help you with that.