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563: Trivialities in Cause-Driven Businesses

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Do you get caught in the weeds in your cause-driven or sustainable business?

Checking your sales figures. Again.

This is a popular one for eCommerce companies. Did they change? We turned on the ad, is it working yet?

These distracting “checking every couple hours” activities can be addictive, the and the FOMO will cost time as well as breaking your focus.

Setting a scheduled reporting check-in schedule allows you to put the FOMO and anxiety aside, so you can focus on doing important work designed to drive your vision forward.

Emotional responses to your numbers.

This is popular for cause-driven businesses of all sizes and stripes. Whether it’s your CPAs, or what your CPA says, allowing your numbers to produce emotional responses is a killer.

Specifically, if you allow each thought or check-in to be emotional, it will eat your energy and slash your stamina for your workday.

Remembering that they’re just numbers, that what is measured will be improved or stabilized in response to your work, empowers you to actually do the work that needs to be done. Allowing them to capture your energy only slows you down.

Resting upon success.

If you managed to get past the first two, you’ll probably head straight toward this one. It’s no better than the other two, since it’ll send you straight back down to square one if left unchecked.

In this place, we start breaking our own rules. Tweaking marketing campaigns without data. Breaking what’s working, missing the reasons things improve. Behaving in ways that are counter to that which gave you your success in the first place.

Focus on the mission, and the next step to achieving it.

This rarely involves stressing over data, being lax with your processes, or FOMO.

Tip: If you want to make the marketplace focus on what makes you great, and on taking next steps with you, has the blueprint you need.



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647: The Lonely Leader

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646: Saying Goodbye

If–as the Stoics said–nothing that is natural is evil, perhaps we can ‘get the message’ that the journey is to be relished. Indeed, it’s the only part of our work we ever truly have.

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