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June 24, 2019     Daily Post

The Best Feature You Don’t Know How To Use

If your cause-driven company offers a product or service that is better in every way than that of your competitors…

…but nobody knows it’s there, or how or use it…

Then is it really better in every way?

Let’s say the technology in your clothing material that enables it to adapt to your body shape, while also being more durable and long-lasting than competing product fibers.

Does that do us any good if we don’t know it can do those things?

We’ve seen many fashion innovations over the years, and the ones that succeed have invested the time in educating the market about what makes them special, through the eyes of the prospect.

Let’s say the buying experience is not only more fun than competitors, but that the act of buying also contributes to a lower carbon footprint for the customer, something that many European companies are taxed on (buy a great product, enjoy the experience, and save on taxes?

Does that do us any good if we don’t give the product or service a “fair shake”, because the competitors–while substandard–told a better story?

We buy stories. Those stories become part of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. If your cause-driven or sustainable brand’s product or service doesn’t tell a better story, you won’t have the opportunity to give a better experience. Or to transform your market. Or to make the impact you set out to create.

What’s your story? And are you giving those your wish to serve the opportunity to engage with you through the power of effective messaging?

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