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556: Sustainable Businesses Losing Meaning

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How many sustainable businesses do you think start up but lose their meaning along the way?

Culprit 1: The marketing world

When faced with the promise of untold riches with a single technique or purchase, many experience a lull in their convictions. The Facebook ad that will ‘change your life.’ ‘You’re only one funnel away’ to success beyond measure. It’s a lie, but one many choose to believe.

It takes a brave soul to stand off against these messages. Moreover, it takes a better message to avoid the allure of such temptations. A message that is clear for you, but also for those you wish to serve. A message they too can believe in. One that makes marketing a pleasure–an act of service–rather than a pursuit of hidden riches.

Culprit 2: The rest of the world

When partners screw you over, customers leave bad reviews, and causes we vow to support only seem to get worse, disillusionment can be understandable.

Surely, the world was not designed for businesses like yours. It doesn’t quite know what to do with difference makers, do they deserve our support, or our ridicule? Are they stronger than the rest of us, or push-overs we can walk over if we choose?

The solution

We remain sustainable, ethical, cause-driven, through our definiteness of purpose and our ability to communicate that purpose effectively. To communicate it through the eyes of those we’d like to serve, rather than our own.

To tell a more powerful story than our conventional counterparts ever could.

Tip: If you need help crafting that story, can help with that.


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My blog is dedicated to sharing ideas, insights and challenges that will help you create and sell what matters for the betterment of your cause.

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797: House Rules

Please, make the experience of doing business with your company as accommodating, delightful and memorable as you can. But for the benefit of everyone you serve, don’t sacrifice your “house rules”. They’re important for you and for those in your care.

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796: Play Your Game

Someone else made a bigger impact in their chosen field than you? Unless your mission is the same as theirs – unless you’re playing the exact same game – comparison makes no sense. Play your game.

You are creating what matters.

So how can we help you
sell it better & make more impact?

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Marketing Isn't About You

Marketing Isn't About You

by Adam Fairhead

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