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555: Are You As Committed As You Say You Are?

How committed do you believe you are to your company, your clients, and your cause?

There’s a good chance there’s a gap between where you think you are, and where you actually are.

If you’ve ever attempted to recruit people onto your team, you’ll have seen people making this mistake over and over again.

But you may not have seen it in yourself. See if you can spot the pattern:

When you don’t fully commit to a job application, you don’t get the job. Boilerplate cover letters, impersonal writing, slow replies.

It’s understandable…they may have applied for jobs in the past and been rejected. Perhaps they don’t want to over-commit to any particular job through fear of rejection again. But it’s that fear that is keeping them in the rejection pile. If they had fully committed–despite the discomfort–they would increase the likelihood of being chosen, right?

When you don’t fully commit to a client, you don’t get to keep the client. Is your marketing personal or boilerplate? Is your marketing and language bespoke to their needs, or templated and cold? Do you reply quickly or do you defer to 24 hour turn-around time, or worse?

Again, it’s understandable…you may have pursued prospects in the past and been rejected. Perhaps you don’t want to over-commit to any particular prospect through fear of rejection again. But again, it’s that fear that’s keeping you in the rejection pile. If you commit fully, would that not increase your chances of success?

When you don’t fully commit to a cause, you don’t achieve the mission. Seeing the pattern here?

Is it something you’re genuinely pursuing, or merely paying lip-service to? Are you pursuing it as strongly as you say you do? Are you committed to its success, or do you have other goals on your mind? If you don’t commit fully, what are the chances of success?

Are you as committed as you say you are?

Tip: Commitment requires action, but it also requires the right communication. can help you get your words right, so that your commitment shines through.


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