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June 12, 2019     Daily Post

How To Never Run Out Of Ideas

Where do great ideas come from, be it for products, services, or blog posts?

Here’s how to never run out of ideas:

  • Blogging every day? If we focus on who we’re writing for, rather than what’s rattling around in our head to share, empathy gives us the fuel we need to serve at a deeper level, for a longer period of time, without strain.
  • Want to build new products? If we focus on those for whom we’d like to solve problems, rather than trying to pluck ‘good ideas’ out of some mystical ‘good ideas’ part of our brain, we’ll have better ideas. Ones more likely to be well-received by the market. Ones more likely to create change for those in our care.

We can’t truly serve others by focusing on ourselves. We serve others effectively by falling in love with our chosen market.

Tip: The better we understand our market, the better we can market our work to them. can help with that.