Warning, if you’re changing these things, don’t:

  • Your message should evolve, not change. When we allow it to evolve in response to those we wish to serve, it gets stronger. But when we just change it because we wanted to change it, it loses the overtones that make it effective.
  • Your culture should evolve, not change. When a team gets to make its mark–and that mark sticks around–that shared sense of ownership becomes the foundation you need in order to build the house you all want to live in.
  • Your mission should evolve, not change. A mission that doesn’t stick isn’t a mission, but a fleeting fancy. Nor is it a mission that will see the light of day, due to your lack of consistency and dedication to its cause.

Let these things learn and grow, through thoughtful nurturing, rather than forceful adamance. That’s where the success lies.

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