“I need more traffic to my website”

“I need more people following me on Instagram”

Let’s address these panic-stricken statements:

  • Is it traffic that we need? It sounds good, but when else in life are we ever desperate for…traffic? Traffic is rarely the goal, unless it’s a vanity goal.
  • Or is it conversions? This sounds even better, and they’re a necessary part of the process, but we can’t pay the bills with conversions, can we?
  • Or is it relationships? This sounds even better still, doesn’t it? Great market relationships are worth more than gold – by continuing to help people achieve their goals, they’ll continue to repay the favor.

When we agonize over the wrong goal (“traffic”) we don’t ask the right questions. How would our work change if we swapped “We need more traffic” with “We need more relationships”?

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