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541: Serving With Your Higher Self

Is your–and your market’s–mindset holding your business back?

  • We can’t serve the market if it can’t see itself being served. If it can’t visualize itself without this problem anymore. If it’s trapped in a fog of certainty that things must be the way they are. Our job is to help those we wish to serve understand who they truly are, to elevate their belief in what’s possible for them.
  • We can’t create maximum impact if we have the wrong idea about service. If we don’t see how connected we are with the impact we want to make. If our sense of self ends with our primal needs, rather than our connection to others. So our job is to also maintain an understanding of who we truly are, and what is possible of us.

If the market was going to figure this out on its own, it would have done so already. It hasn’t. So it’s up to you to show them what greatness really looks like.

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559: The Future You’re Building

Do they make an impact? Well, they save us some money, right?
We create the world we want to live in with our purchases and our practices. What kind of a world is your company committed to building?

557: Documenting Greatness

Greatness can be documented. But it must be accompanied by great leadership to manifest. Within yourself. For the benefit for your cause-driven company, and for the benefit of those in your care.

You are creating what matters.

So how can we help you
sell it better & make more impact?

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BuiltForImpact is a focused one-page online distillation of your message with a concentrated focus on ethical, effective sales.


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Mosaic is a marketing optmization platform to give you specific actionable ROI-calculated recommendations rather than just data.



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DifferenceMakr is an upcoming preeminent resource for those who want to make a difference.

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Insights & Creative Marketing Review

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Sharing our journey to discover how to create & quantify the most impactful, long-lasting websites in the world.