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June 01, 2019     Daily Post

What You Know VS What You Do

What you know and what you do are totally different things.

  • Your strategies. You have access to many great strategies, some simple, some complex. “I know that one.” But are you doing it?
  • Your operations. You may be familiar with wonderful efficiencies and methodologies for perfecting your work. “I know those.” But have you implemented them?
  • Your marketing. You have many communication channels and strategies for approaching your market available to you. “I know about them.” But are you using them?

The “knowledge gap” you should worry about is the gap between your knowledge and your execution. Knowing things doesn’t count. It’s what you do that matters.

Tip: If your marketing isn’t creating you the kind of results you know you could be getting, go to to climb out of the real “knowledge gap”.