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May 18, 2019     Daily Post

Your Business Is Being Watched

It’s not obvious to you, and you may not feel it yet, but you’re being watched:

  • Consistently high-quality experiences are very, very rare. When folks encounter one, they often share it with those we know, even if we aren’t CC’d on every chat.
  • Consistently showing up for those you wish to serve with meaningful, valuable acts of service does not go unnoticed, even if you can’t measure it in Likes.
  • Consistently going beyond what we would expect of you in care, service, and ethical advantage does not go unnoticed, even if you can’t feel the eyes on you.

If you do great work and you tell your story effectively, some will take notice. Not in tsunamis of monetized engagement, but in drips and drops, over time.

Tip: If you’ve got the ‘great work’ part covered, check out for the ‘tell your story effectively so people will take notice’ part.