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May 17, 2019     Daily Post

Going Beyond Market Scarcity

We like scarcity.

Owning something rare is cool. The tension to buy something that may not be available tomorrow can be a thrill. There’s something better, though:

  • Scarcity works by excluding many. Limited-run items designed to make you feel exclusive, and it’s designed to move product. Buy now or you’re out.
  • Inclusion works by including many. WhatsApp (like the Web) works well because everyone is on it. The more people who use it, the better the experience becomes.
  • What about using both? Something for your whole tribe to belong to, with limited-run items designed to celebrate the most passionate community members. Power in inclusivity, power in exclusivity.

If you’re trying to create exclusivity (or, worse, false-scarcity) consider what it could do for those you wish to serve by instead creating inclusivity. Then celebrate your champions: you need them as much as they need you.

Tip: Getting the messaging right for this sort of thing can be tricky. helps make it simple.