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May 15, 2019     Daily Post

Misallocated Effort

What’s a million dollars worth if you don’t use it properly?

What’s a week of uninterrupted time to work if you don’t use it properly?

Misallocated effort is what holds us back:

  • Having a great website, but only sending paid traffic to a drag-n-drop landing page that took only minutes to prepare. Where your message doesn’t shine through. Your mission is missing, as is the level of care you bring to your work. What if your site was able to do the work of a landing page, allocating energy where you need it?
  • Having a great car, but only driving it once every three weeks because you’re never home (or never leaving home). Lovely vehicle, but depreciating in the garage. What if your resources were spent where you actually spend your time, to enhance your journey through life where it counts, for you?
  • Having a great company, but only investing time in the short-term gains because the big vision is important, not urgent. What if urgent is permitted to continue for so long, that your collective team vision is never realized? What if you spent as much time investing in your vision as you did putting out the daily fires?

We rarely have energy, potential, or money problems. We have misallocation problems. Are you investing in the mission you set out to achieve?

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