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May 08, 2019     Daily Post

Innovation and Messaging

Innovation sounds exciting, futuristic, lucrative. But without its bigger brother, it’s just a distraction.

What’s the big brother.


  • Innovation without a strong message creates more distraction than progress. When we’re not clear on who we’re serving and how they need our help, we can’t innovate to their benefit. We’re as likely to go in the wrong direction as we are the right one.
  • Innovation with a strong message creates progress for our company and those it exists to serve. When we’re clear on who we’re serving, and what they need to hear, all new ideas are born from a desire to serve our audience. We’re not limited to mimicking competition, but enabled to create quantum-leaps in service.

Messaging is massively underrated compared to its little brother, Innovation. But we need a clear message to stand out, sell more, and make an impact. Tools like –designed specifically to get messaging right–will help us unlock our messaging and innovation potential.

Is your message clear enough?