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May 07, 2019     Daily Post

Wear Your Own Brand

Along the road toward making a big, long-lasting sustainable impact with a business, folks sometimes get distracted:

Here’s what Shiny object syndrome looks like at work: I have yet another new product or service idea! And another! Look at this hip new software, we should try it right away! Now, there’s nothing wrong with improving your services or operations, but when they take your eye off your own brand, they become a weakness. Are you excited about your work, your brand? Or are you more excited about other people’s brands than your own? How can you get others excited about your ethical sustainable cause-driven brand if you’re not excited enough yourself?

The question is… is your brand the most exciting brand in the world, to you?

Or do you get more excited about a new car with a fancy logo on the front? Or a shiny new wristwatch with a fancy logo on the face?

There’s nothing wrong with nice things, but when they take your eye off your own brand, they become a weakness–at that point there’s something very wrong with them. Maybe you pass on an important business investment or campaign because you ‘needed’ to spend that money on new toy instead. Or you spend more time reading about tech or something rather than refining your own story.

When other brands steal your affection away from your own brand, you invest less in what matters. Are you proud to wear your own brand? Of what it represents?

Here’s a tip: Your brand message should be clear enough to send a message to the world. can help you tighten your message if you don’t stand out enough.