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May 05, 2019     Daily Post

It’s Simpler Than It Sounds

To the outside world, sustainable brands do complex things.

But to those doing it all the time, it can feel simpler than it sounds, can’t it? When you know what you’re doing and you do a great job of it?

Well, here’s a thought: if it’s simpler than it sounds, why not make it sound simple?

See, it’s easy to make things complicated. Many of the marketing posts online are celebrated for how well they comprehensively cover an array of complicated tricks and tactics. Many companies tout how complicated and nuanced their products are. But is complex and complicated a good thing?

Don’t people want a simple solution to their problem, not another headache? How could you make your message…simpler?

Sustainable brands often make things hard for themselves. It’s hard, to make things simple. Simple is an absence of complexity. That requires saying no to some things. Sustainable brands struggle with this because they want to solve problems for people. But making things simple involves understanding something enough to know what you can say no to. It involves knowing what works well enough to make it simple, elegant.

Marketing, for instance, is complex. And it’s complex to make simple. But if you don’t make it simple, it won’t get done. You’ll just be left to celebrate those comprehensive articles alongside your competitors. How can you make your marketing…simpler?

That’s one of the reasons we built – because we wanted to make it simple, so that it would get done, properly. So that companies can stand out, sell better, and make more impact, without worrying about 100 different tactics.

What ways are you over-complicating your business, and what can you do about that?