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May 04, 2019     Daily Post

Don’t Set Off If You Can’t Afford The Gas

Does your sustainable business advertise?

Here’s a phrase you may be familiar with: “Don’t Set Off If You Can’t Afford The Gas”.

I first heard it when I first tried advertising. Oh how true it is.

Nowadays, our Creative team receives a lot of requests from sustainable brands for help with advertising campaigns. The reply they give is often very similar.

Here’s the first point.

Your communication skills must first improve: Everyone’s does. Yours does. Ours does. The market doesn’t stay still, and neither should you. If people are confused about who you’re talking and what you’re saying, they won’t convert even if you have the best offer in the world…will they?

Here’s the second point… and it’s something we occasionally forget in marketing sustainable businesses: PPC means pay per click. That means paying for every click, whether it’s profitable or not.

It’s hugely effective if you can see it through… but not if you run out of cash before you get there, right?

So. Do you have a message that will scale? Paid advertising simply enables us to multiply the reach of an existing result. You can’t make up in volume what you lose per transaction.

(Tip: If you want to get your message and your targeting right, is designed to do exactly that. And it’s free to start.)