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May 01, 2019     Daily Post

Why You’re Replaceable

If you’re really great at what you do, you are replaceable.

…But wait, isn’t it usually the people who aren’t great that are replaceable?

Here’s the interesting thing about that: The best leaders and team members always seem to try to replace themselves – even though they’re not going anywhere. Why is that?

If you hold on to “your thing”, you become a selfish bottleneck, rather than someone bent on helping the company grow. If it’s the you-show, you’re only holding it back.

The art of being replaceable means you’re actively looking for ways to enable others to do what only you can do today. That empowers the company for more consistency, reliability, and scale.

Becoming replaceable is a goal we should all share.

You see, once you’ve become replaceable, you can turn your attention to the next thing the company needs most. You know…the thing it badly needs but can’t yet do–that thing. You may even already know what it is. Until you’re replaceable in your current work, you won’t have time for that.

If the company matters to you more than your ego, try to make yourself replaceable: only then can you remain focused on what the company needs most.

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