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502: Your Business Needs A Chisel

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The chisel is the most underrated tool in business.

The Egyptians figured out that bashing things without one was inefficient all the way back in 8,000 BC… so why do businesses do it in 2019?

  • It requires focus and aim. Focus can be hard enough when we’re told how many things we ought to be doing. But aim requires us to be proficient in our focus, ignoring other distractions around us.
  • It requires commitment. We know things will change when we commit to focusing on a particular change in our work. What’s our relationship with change? Are we ready for change?
  • It requires specialized investment. A hammer is all-purpose, everyone has one. But a chisel? Do we want to make the investment, even though it will create significant results for us?

The temptation is to approach our product development, our marketing, our advertising and our operations with just a hammer. It feels safer, easier.

Less change will happen. But is that the kind of business we want to belong to?

Tip: In marketing, the chisel is the quality of your communication skills. can help with that.


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