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April 25, 2019     Daily Post

Your Work VS Your Marketin

These two things can work together, or they can be at odds with each other. Most of the time, the latter is true:

  • When you do great work, you focus on making it the best the world has ever seen. It’s why you got into business as a team in the first place, isn’t it?
  • What about sharing it with the world? It can feel like a distraction or a disservice to your talents to focus on that rather than doing the doing.
  • But the real disservice is not elevating your market communication to the level of quality and elegance of the work you render to that market.

To riff on the popular tree metaphor, “If a product enters the market, but nobody clearly hears it enter, does it even exist?” Raise your marketing and communication skills to the level of your work.

Tip: Use a tried-and-tested system when you do this. is ours, if you’d like to use it.