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April 24, 2019     Daily Post

Leading VS Merely Keeping Up

Many companies claim to be the leader of their space. But are they leading, or are they merely good at keeping up?

  • If you follow the popular path, you’ll get the popular outcome. 8/10 businesses fail. Popular doesn’t always work in our favor.
  • If you read the same books as everyone else, you won’t get ahead, you’ll just keep up. There’s no edge in covering the same ground.
  • If you play above your level, be it books beyond your understanding or techniques that outthink the masses, you can amass an edge if you put in the work.

To keep up, do what everyone else does. To lead, go further.

Most merely try to keep up. You can do better, if you commit to doing the hard work of growing yourself to further your important work.

Tip: What are you doing to get an edge over everyone else? E.g. out-communicating your competition with tools like