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April 23, 2019     Daily Post

The Important Work Between The Work

Being good at what you do is one thing.

…That’s the point: it’s one thing. What about everything else?

  • Being good vs communicating well: If you’re great at what you do, but you’re unable to communicate that to the market effectively, nobody will experience your skills. There is little connection between skills in your craft and the ability to sell.
  • Being good vs being present: If you’re great at what you do, but you’re never around to actually do it, are you really that great at it? If nobody can rely on you to deliver, your craft skills mean very little to the market.
  • Being good vs staying good: If you’re great at what you do, but you don’t approach learning with a beginners mind, you’ll stagnate and lose your luster in the eyes of the market. You’ll go from being great, to being great once. And you won’t even notice.

You may be great at what you do, but if the market can’t hear you or see you, you don’t exist. Are you committed to the act of serving, or are you just gathering head knowledge?

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