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April 22, 2019     Daily Post

Normal Marketing VS Ethical Brands

When you’re looking to upgrade your marketing work as a sustainable or ethical or B-corp style company, you’ve got a problem.

The stuff that most normal companies are doing in their marketing, won’t work for you. Because you’re different – you’ve got a different kind of message, different kind of proposition, and that’s a good thing. You’ve got superpowers that’ll make your marketing work 10x easier than theirs, if you know how to harness them.

Normal marketing goes like this… “I wanna get a lead, then I want to have them on my email list or something, so I can give them info about my stuff, then they’ll somehow like me and buy my stuff.”

The formula there is, “Stuff, relationship, stuff, sale.”

The relationship is what we want. The stuff… nobody really cares about.

Let me ask you a question… when was the last time you formed a relationship based on only focusing on what you want all the time? And getting them to do everything you say?

This is a customer or client in the marketplace we’re talking about, not your little sister.

We must make it all about them, then.

The only thing they care about in your story is what connects you with them. What beliefs you share. What problems you see in the world that are important to you. Things like that. That stuff connects you to people fast.

Ever watched a vegan meet another vegan in public? Instant-rapport.

So here’s what you have to do.

  1. Stop thinking about yourself. You need to sell stuff yes, but that’s not going to happen until you stop thinking about yourself.

  2. Next, get very clear on who you want that relationship with. You’ve probably spent most of your time thinking about who you want to be, or how you want to be seen, but a fraction of the time thinking about them. Flip it.

  3. Next, you get super-clear on what they want to hear from you. Not what you want them to hear. Again you probably spend lots of time thinking about what you want them to hear from you rather than what they want to hear. Flip it.

  4. Remember to include your mission here. This is your super-power. But talk about it because it’s their mission too. Something they can believe in. Something important to them. Do not miss this, this is something most companies don’t have but you do.

  5. And then execute that message, to that person, on your website and on your advertising. And only that message. Anything else, leave it out, until the relationship is there.

That’s all you need. If that’s your focus, you get to use your super-power and build those relationships without all the stuff. Things get real simple. You might even find yourself resisting it because you’re used to it not being simple, and if you accept it’s simple you’ll have to work on something else instead.

Tip: Before inertia kicks in, you can go to if you want to get super-clear on who you want to build a relationship with and do the things we talked about.