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April 15, 2019     Daily Post

What We Can’t See In Ourselves That Holds Us Back

Ever watched one of those TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares or Hotel Inspector?

The ones where a guru enters a restaurant or hotel and picks it to shreds, revealing 2-3 key alterations that will change their lives?

We watch thinking, “Gosh, how obvious, how did they survive this long?” Thing is, we’re all that restaurant or hotel owner:

  • There are those in the market who are mediocre compared to us. We can look at their operations and clearly see our advantage.
  • There are others who have surpassed us. All of us. They could look back at our operations and see what we’re missing, too.
  • Our skills got us where we are so far. We’re doing the best we can with what we know and what we have. But we can do better.

As cause-driven businesses, the better we do, the more impact we create. We would all benefit from asking ourselves, “What would the hotel inspector say about our operation”?

(Tip: Those shows often focus on communication and marketing. can help you with that.)