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April 14, 2019     Daily Post

Serve Your Market Better By Remembering This Phrase

When you create value for your audience, be it paid or unpaid, what’s the driving incentive?

  • ‘I want them to buy more stuff.’ This may be true, but if that’s your reason, you’re trading your fiduciary hat for one of a street merchant. That’s perhaps not the look you’re going for, nor is it the motivation you’d like to extend to your audience.
  • ‘I need to support my chosen cause.’ This may be true, and it’ll even resonate if you’re speaking to a true fan. But what about everyone else? In those cases, you’re trading your position for one of a beggar. Again, not the look you’re going for.
  • ‘It’s my moral responsibility.’ This is true if you have a lot of value to share with the market, and for reasons that will also contribute to the change you wish to create in the world. This focuses you on helping people for the sake of helping people.

If you carry the phrase, “It’s my moral responsibility” into every opportunity to serve, you’ll serve more fully and intimately. In turn, it just so happens that you’ll get the other things you wanted, too.

(Tip: Weave this heart of service into the way you speak to the market. can help you do exactly that.)